For What Am I Waiting?


I think I’m waiting for something, only to discover it’s not at all what I was waiting for. The event has passed and in retrospect I can see what I was actually waiting for. Upon further notice I see it’s two sides of the same coin like death and birth.

The death of my best friend eight years ago was the birth of my glass art creations. The past month again has linked death and my glass art. I had signed on to participate in a small art/craft show on Dec 3. Agreeing to show spurred me to create glass art and I created 20 miniature pieces in a few weeks. As I worked with these wonderful pieces of condensed light I was also waiting for the anticipated death of my cousin Marty. I felt helpless as distance separated us so I prayed, cried and sent light and love to Marty, her caregivers and family as I created my glass art. Marty died as I was finishing my last pieces.

Now Marty’s memorial service is the day of the show and I’ve had to cancel my participation. So I have these pieces of glass…. I have decided to share them with Marty’s family as they represent Marty. Glass is both light and dark, transparent and opaque, sharp and smooth, strong and breakable. It is colorful, reflects the light, gives joy, and it sparkles! This is who Marty was to me.

So what was I waiting for? I thought it was her death, but really, I was waiting for her to sparkle somewhere else. Marty, you are a star! Sparkle on!

~Renee King

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