Covenant of Faith and Action

We affirm that :

God is the creator and sustainer of all life and each person is created in God’s image;

Jesus Christ is the Word of God, fully divine and fully human.

Through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, God calls each person to a new life of faith and action.

God’s Spirit is the guiding presence and power in our lives;

The community of believers is one expression of God’s love and presence in today’s world.


We commit to:

Live as children of God and followers of Jesus Christ;

Celebrate God’s love for us in group worship and individually;

Share our decisions, our time, our abilities, and our possessions with each other;

Provide a place for confession, forgiveness, and affirmation;

Recognize children as gifts from God and actively participate in the nurture of children among us;

Celebrate and call forth the gifts present in each other;

Stand with the oppressed—the victims of spiritual, social, and economic, racial and national conflict;

Respond lovingly to brokenness and suffering in our community and our world.